Strategic analysis of marks and spencer

Retrieved Julyfrom The Telegraph: The company has closed its smaller regional warehouses and in it opened a super warehouse in Bradford. As regards its fashion business, the speed with which the latest trends are being communicated to designers has increased as has the speed of transportation.

The decline in sales lead to the head of the clothing branch of the company, John Dixon, leaving the company in July Macalister, Value Chain Analysis A value chain analysis is a strategic tool use to identify the activities in and close to an organisation which lead to the creation of a product or a service.

At the end of the company had to temporarily shut down its website due to a security breach Curtis, and inpoorly integrated IT systems in the company are still being experienced.

Marks and Spencer SWOT Analysis

Retrieved Julyfrom Reuters: In addition, the competitive retailing landscape is going through another major transformation — the steady rise of online and catalogue shopping and competitors offering goods of almost the same quality at affordable prices as well as convenient and enhanced in-store experiences for customers Retail Week, Different generations bring perceptible shifts in consumer behaviour, from the way customers do their shopping, the channels and technology they use to how products are perceived.

Improve online shopping this not only helps in reducing costs but also helps in increasing sales and to be competitive and also an opportunity to advertise in the internet. Retrieved Julyfrom Fortune: It can also be achieved by concentrating only on the UK market and consolidating it.

Strategic Analysis of Marks & Spencer Plc

Further investments are being made in GM IT systems and a logistics network with the aim of delivering better supply chain flexibility and customer availability.

The management should develop new strategies to focus on the sales for the young people. Consequentially, the slight decline of sales and share prices in were followed by steady improvements in both these indicators a year later, thus escaping the hard to reverse grip of discounted prices felt by many other competitive retailers The Marketing Society, However, despite its successful specialist positioning, Beginning in the s and more recently as a result of the recession inthe company has faced both a decrease in sales as well as increasing competition from online retailers, discounters, fast fashion brands and others in both its clothing and food businesses.

Due to lack of technological knowledge, the organisation fails to compete with the competitors and have bearded increased cost of production.

strategic analysis of Marks & Spencer PLC

Sharma said to BBC that most of the goods in India are imported from Europe so The brand name of Marks and Spencer would help the business to grow rapidly.

In addition, in the past couple of months various macroeconomic issues, falling commodity prices, pound fluctuations and a sudden drop following the Brexit vote caused consumer confidence to drop. In addition, the recent Brexit vote is likely to have a substantial impact on the retailer in both its home stores and abroad.

With sustainability becoming an increasingly necessary and lucrative strategy, the company is ahead of its competitors in this area. Even though the company still holds the first position in terms of sales by value, its 14 quarter slump preceding a one-off rise in sales in the first quarter in makes it likely that the company will be moving its focus from clothes to food The Economist, Recently it has utilised its customer loyalty data to organise targeted marketing and promotional activities and focus on high-impact promotions, which result in better value for customers and increased sales Spencer, As Marks and Spencer is into so many businesses, it has a very large market share and has its stores at the high street of London.

Legal Factors Health and safety regulations, consumer rights, environmental, antitrust and other legal factors affect the company. Weakened consumer confidence and a decrease in the buying power of the pound have already had an impact on sales growth, whilst the decision is expected to affect the retailer in various other ways in future years.

Change in social factors affects the choice of the customers. Continuous investment in the scheme has resulted in numerous Plan A products, a Plan A incubator for the development of sustainable products and services as well as the first UK ecofactory European Commission, Importers of the St.

Unit 4 Strategic Management Assignment Marks and Spencer

It is very difficult to enter into this industry as it requires huge investment capital. The paper concludes with a value chain analysis which examines inbound logistics, operations, outbound logistics, marketing, and sales and services.

The move resulted in a considerable decline in the bargaining power of its British suppliers BBC, and, hence, the bargaining power of its supplier is currently low. Introduction: Unit 4 Strategic managemen marks and spencer is about the strategic analysis of Marks and Spencer in UK.

The study of the company analysis is supported by identifying strength, weakness, opportunities and. Strategic Analysis of Marks And Spencer This report aims to establish analysis of the strategic position of Marks & Spencer in the UK retail market.

Thus, further evaluation is conducted on the basis of PEST analysis of the company, factors influencing alterations in consumer purchase behaviour, products and consumer satisfaction. Executive summary. Marks & Spencer is one of the UK's leading retailers with over 21 million people visiting their stores each week.

However, in the fiercely competitive market environment, operational management strategies are quite important for retailers to obtain a competitive advantage and access to greater income. Strategies of Marks and Spencer liked with the HR strategies of the firm Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.

If you continue browsing the site, you agree to the use of cookies on this website. A general overview of Marks & Spencer is followed by a PESTEL analysis which offers a comprehensive look at the company’s strategic business environment.

An in-depth SWOT. Strategic.

Strategic Analysis of Marks & Spencer Plc

Performance Analysis as a Case Study on Marks & Spencer Page 1 Table of Contents Introduction 3 SWOT Analysis 4 PESTLE Analysis 5 Porter’s 5 forces 7 Ansoff Matrix analysis on Marks and Spencer 8 References 13 Page 2.

Strategic analysis of marks and spencer
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