International trade and international logistics

It is also possible for exporters to arrange their own shipping. Additionally, we have worked with other interesting brands. This will prepare you to undertake effective research drawing upon a range of secondary and primary data sources in preparation for your coursework.

You will develop the skills, knowledge and ability to work in an international environment. Basics - Terminology, purposes, users, rules and regulations and business entities. The John Henry Brookes Building brings together the library and essential support services that offer academic, careers and international student advice.

We offer our students the opportunity to choose a project that best suits their career aspirations.

International Trade and Logistics

Having identified a project with the approval of both the client company and the Module Leader you investigate a particular issue, one that can be supported through the relevant literature and by conducting primary research with the client.

All fees are included. Capstone Module Choice You will choose one of the following capstone modules that best suits your academic interests or professional development requirements.

International Trade & Logistics

We have a track record of excellence in teaching, learning and research and you will be supported in your studies and beyond. Plus, you will learn about foreign freight forwarding, international transportation, warehousing and distribution.

If you successfully complete this module you will have the following non-credit bearing module recorded on your transcript: P International Business in Practice: In this module you are expected to integrate, apply and extend the knowledge and skills gained within the core modules of the field.

Everglobe makes available these products directly to retailers in the U. Addison-Wesley International Trade and Globalisation: This module prepares you for completing high quality, systematic business and management research.

Procurement and Supply Chain Management: Customs and Border Protection web site. International logistics usually requires at least a rudimentary knowledge of parts of international law, such as international trade treaties, free trade agreements, and the law of the sea.


International Trade Logistics ("ITL") is an integrated port and logistics business comprised of Argentina’s largest container terminal and complementary logistics and warehousing businesses. Its three businesses trade as Exolgan, Exologistica and LPI and together provide a one-stop service solution for clients.

For those working in administrative and organisational roles within international trade and logistics operations ensuring the smooth transportation of goods across the world by selecting appropriate transport methods, processing the appropriate international documentation, advising on service providers and financial documentation.

International Trade and Logistics MSc. Oxford Brookes Business School.

International Trade and Logistics

Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) In about a third of all the goods and services produced were traded internationally (WTO International Trade.

We provide international trade and logistics solutions for small and medium size companies, while connecting consumers, suppliers and vendors worldwide. International Trade and Logistics MSc.

Master of Business Administration in International Trade & Logistics Online

Oxford Brookes Business School. Accredited by the Chartered Institute of Logistics and Transport (UK) In about a third of all the goods and services produced were traded internationally (WTO International Trade Statistics ).

Investments International trade and international logistics
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International Trade & Logistics