Curlys wife of mice and men

Be mindful that you cannot write everything in 45 minutes and you MUST prioritise. This is a fairly easy interpretation, although it probably still flies over the heads of most high school students.

Curley's Wife is lonely, Curley doesn't love her and is abusing, he gets jelous that one of the guys in the ranch is sleeping with her but he treats her more as an object than a wife.

The two are fleeing from their previous employment as workmen in Weed, California where Lennie was accused of attempted rape when he touched and held onto a young woman Moira Harris and her red dress, prompted by his love of stroking soft things.

The harsh tone is shown by the explanation mark. There were footsteps behind her, going by. A more difficult and original sexual symbol is introduced about 20 pages into the tale, when Candy tells George about Curley's "glove fulla Vaseline.

She had full, rouged lips and wide-spaced eyes, heavily made up. Glow can also mean having a feeling of wellbeing or satisfaction. This is because Mrs Birling took no blame for the death of Eva smith.

Curley’s wife Essay

Prior to that chapter, hints are dropped that Curley's wife may have a wandering eye. The other men yell at Curley and encourage Lennie to fight.

Curleys Wife in OF MICE AND MEN??

Proves my previous points point that capitalist are cold hearted, Mr Birling simply could have used his own money o pay the tax instead of increasing it however he is a capitalist and capitalists only care for themselves therefore to the only way to dispense of this problem was to sack Eva smith from work.

This is shown in the book at the start whilst the family were celebrating the daughter engagement. Her hair hung in little rolled clusters, like sausages.

She will destroy their intimacy and even their lives. This could be for the reason that the men at the ranch saw her as a nobody and a tramp; therefore Steinbeck is showing she should not be issued with her own name.

She can't escape him and she hasn't got anyone to trust. At the start of the play we see a much closed minded view of Sheila; she is like a Paris Hilton of the Victorian era because she is described as a shallow airhead. The word glow means to emit light and heat devoid of flames. It is also the cause of his wife's sexual frustration.

She begins talking to Lennie, pouring out her heart. He gives her a good look over. In this sense it is interesting to see that all the languge used towards her by the men is violent,dismisive or derogatory.

She gets three reactions her, which exemplify how men react to her throughout the novel. They are vulnerable because in the eye of society at the time, they had no power Crooks was black and Curley's Wife was a woman, owned by Curley, hence why she hasn't got a name.

It's a symbol that eludes the literary censorship of its day by suggesting what could not be explicitly stated: She wore a cotton dress and red mules, and the insteps of which were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers" Mice There is also extensive use of colour imagery, as she is always presented as wearing red.

In reality she is living in a boring ranch, with no companionship in isolation. In her red and makeup and feathered shoes, she has no place on a farm.

So I married Curley. Bring in background knowledge that relates to the book. She wore a cotton house dress and red mules, on the insteps of which were little bouquets of red ostrich feathers.

Lennie, sobbing hysterically, states that "there is no other mouse". The following day, the two arrive to work at Tyler Ranch.

Animals attack would be vicious and dangerous; reason why Curley is an antagonist because of the fact he acts like a scary ferocious and treacherous animal, this would affect the readers because nobody like violent nasty animals. Steinbeck may have done this so the readers of the novel or the people watching the play would change their views are realise that if they are capitalist how wrong it is due to the fact how Steinbeck exaggerated Curlys attitude.

George and Lennie have a brotherly relationship. He realises the trouble she could cause — albeit without any explicit desire to. She looked at her fingernails. Steinbeck's Letter To Claire Luce Los Gatos [] Dear Miss Luce: Annie Laurie says you are worried about your playing of the part of Curley’s wife although from the reviews it appears that you are.

Of mice and men curley's wife's analysis 1. Of Mice and Men By Lucy Bostock 2. CURLEY’S WIFE ANALYSIS To be able to know what happens to Curley’s Wife and why. Of Mice and Men Curleys Wife Essay.

In the early stages of the book, she is presented through the eyes of the other characters, in very unflattering terms like “tramp” and “bitch” - Of Mice and Men Curleys Wife Essay introduction. Only innocent Lennie has a less negative response, “She’s perty,” for which George hastily reprimands her.

Curley's Wife Of Mice and Men is not kind in its portrayal of women. Steinbeck generally depicts women as troublemakers who bring ruin on men and drive them mad. Curley’s wife, who walks the ranch as a temptress, seems to be a prime example of this destructive tendency - Curley’s already bad temper has only worsened since their wedding.

It’s her temptation that leads Lennie to his fateful end—and George to the reality of a life in which “the best-laid plans [and dreams] of mice and men go oft awry.” So Curley’s wife isn’t Steinbeck’s commentary on women as a class; she’s a symbol of the cheap glitter of fool’s gold.

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Curlys wife of mice and men
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Curleys wife in Of Mice and Men